Let's see how much damage I can do
Did you know, you can quit your job, you can leave university? You aren’t legally required to have a degree, it’s a social pressure and expectation, not the law, and no one is holding a gun to your head. You can sell your house, you can give up your apartment, you can even sell your vehicle, and your things that are mostly unnecessary. You can see the world on a minimum wage salary, despite the persisting myth, you do not need a high paying job. You can leave your friends (if they’re true friends they’ll forgive you, and you’ll still be friends) and make new ones on the road. You can leave your family. You can depart from your hometown, your country, your culture, and everything you know. You can sacrifice. You can give up your $5.00 a cup morning coffee, you can give up air conditioning, frequent consumption of new products. You can give up eating out at restaurants and prepare affordable meals at home, and eat the leftovers too, instead of throwing them away. You can give up cable TV, Internet even. This list is endless. You can sacrifice climbing up in the hierarchy of careers. You can buck tradition and others’ expectations of you. You can triumph over your fears, by conquering your mind. You can take risks. And most of all, you can travel. You just don’t want it enough. You want a degree or a well-paying job or to stay in your comfort zone more. This is fine, if it’s what your heart desires most, but please don’t envy me and tell me you can’t travel. You’re not in a famine, in a desert, in a third world country, with five malnourished children to feed. You probably live in a first world country. You have a roof over your head, and food on your plate. You probably own luxuries like a cellphone and a computer. You can afford the $3.00 a night guest houses of India, the $0.10 fresh baked breakfasts of Morocco, because if you can afford to live in a first world country, you can certainly afford to travel in third world countries, you can probably even afford to travel in a first world country. So please say to me, “I want to travel, but other things are more important to me and I’m putting them first”, not, “I’m dying to travel, but I can’t”, because I have yet to have someone say they can’t, who truly can’t. You can, however, only live once, and for me, the enrichment of the soul that comes from seeing the world is worth more than a degree that could bring me in a bigger paycheck, or material wealth, or pleasing society. Of course, you must choose for yourself, follow your heart’s truest desires, but know that you can travel, you’re only making excuses for why you can’t. And if it makes any difference, I have never met anyone who has quit their job, left school, given up their life at home, to see the world, and regretted it. None. Only people who have grown old and regretted never traveling, who have regretted focusing too much on money and superficial success, who have realized too late that there is so much more to living than this.
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do you really hate your fans? Because we love you!

Seriously? Where’d you get that idea?

The lost list

Our debut item, in classic form, is the USB wall charger and iPhone 5 cable. I will update the list as the trip continues (or starts… Doesn’t actually start for another 5 days).



how have you been? we havent seen/heard much from you lately! :D

I died

What do you think of your fans?

They suck and I hate them

just saw you play with anthony yesterday. i had never heard of him before and basically only checked him out because of you. it was so cool!

Awesome. Definitely check out his stuff, as well as his band circa survive. And good old war as well. Great bands and great people.

Was going to post a few pictures from coachella on here, but I can not figure it out. One was my motorcycle with the main stage in the background. The other was a split shot of Keith from good old war and Anthony green during our set. Oh, I filled in for Anthony green’s set at coachella the past two weeks.



What are you supposed to use tumblr for?

Gay porn

I’m on a plane so ill take your word for it.



What are you supposed to use tumblr for?

Wasting your life away on a website that will probably die in 10 years like MySpace.

*continues blogging

Hopefully you’re blogging something awesome. Maybe on the subjects of mid 80s Toyota vans, or CAD maxcon II recordif consoles, or living off the grid with solar power and such. I’d read that.