Let's see how much damage I can do
do you really hate your fans? Because we love you!

Seriously? Where’d you get that idea?

The lost list

Our debut item, in classic form, is the USB wall charger and iPhone 5 cable. I will update the list as the trip continues (or starts… Doesn’t actually start for another 5 days).



how have you been? we havent seen/heard much from you lately! :D

I died

What do you think of your fans?

They suck and I hate them

just saw you play with anthony yesterday. i had never heard of him before and basically only checked him out because of you. it was so cool!

Awesome. Definitely check out his stuff, as well as his band circa survive. And good old war as well. Great bands and great people.

Was going to post a few pictures from coachella on here, but I can not figure it out. One was my motorcycle with the main stage in the background. The other was a split shot of Keith from good old war and Anthony green during our set. Oh, I filled in for Anthony green’s set at coachella the past two weeks.



What are you supposed to use tumblr for?

Gay porn

I’m on a plane so ill take your word for it.



What are you supposed to use tumblr for?

Wasting your life away on a website that will probably die in 10 years like MySpace.

*continues blogging

Hopefully you’re blogging something awesome. Maybe on the subjects of mid 80s Toyota vans, or CAD maxcon II recordif consoles, or living off the grid with solar power and such. I’d read that.

Im not even asking something i just wanted to say that im internally crying about the fact that you liked one of my posts tbh yoURE ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THIS HAS MADE ALL OF THE SHIT THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE LAST 4 MONTHS TO ME SEEM A LITTLE BETTER THANK YOU LOVELY

Hello this is probably 4-12 months late, and I’m not sure what I liked, but I’m glad I did. And glad to hear that you’re still finding your silver linings.